Internship in Embedded Systems

  • Embedded C for PIC Controllers
  • Embedded System Design Using ARM M0-Cortex Controllers
  • Hardware Schematics and PCB Design
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The internship at Powersoft Systems comprises the following experiential components:

  1. Lectures on Embedded Systems Design (8-bit PIC, Arduino Microcontrollers, 32 bit ARM-M0Cortex controllers), Communication Protocols for Automotive Systems
  2. Labs on Microchip PIC controllers, ARM Controllers
  3. Hardware build demonstrating interfaces in communication such as CAN, SPI, UART, Motor control drivers and actuators
  4. Test case and Test procedure development with CAN-J1939, IOT-AWS type of platforms
  5. Power converter interfaces – Build, Test
  6. Develop competency in the use of Diagnostic tools such as Oscilloscopes, CAN tools, Serial Port Monitors
  7. Product Development Basics, Intellectual Property Creation
  8. Participation in Joint projects with Industrial Partner (GSV Microtech Pvt. Ltd)
  9. Courses in Embedded Systems for PIC Controllers, Embedded Systems for ARM Controllers, Hardware Schematics and PCB Design
  10. Life membership in Powersoft group with access to alumni, job openings, technical information, network of engineers working in embedded, automotive and industrial domains

Embedded C for PIC Controllers

Course Content
  1. PIC Architecture and EDS-16F87X system demo with C program
  2. Introduction to embedded C
  3. Embedded C compiler, linker, Build projects, debugging C/ASM/HEX files
  4. Data types and constants
  5. Data types, constants, variables, header file declaration, Signed/Unsigned arithmetic
    Labs: 8-bit, 16-bit Signed and Unsigned arithmetic
  6. Flow Control
  7. Control Statements, if, if-else, while, do-while, for & switch-case
    Creating Delay using Statements, I/O Ports Key reading programs
    Labs: Switches and Matrix keypad interfaces
  8. Functions
  9. Calling functions with/without arguments, Return mechanisms
    Labs: Display devices: LCD interfaces
  10. Array, Pointers and structures
  11. Writing multiple messages using pointer and arrays, Structures in embedded C
    Labs: Writing messages in LCD using arrays and pointers
  12. ADC, Timers and Interrupts
  13. Analog to Digital converter initialization and operations, Timers and counters functions, Interrupts
    Labs: Timer Overflow Interrupts, Real time event scheduling, ADC Programming
  14. Capture/Compare/PWM Concepts
  15. PWM Generation Communication with PC RS 232 interface, Frequency measurement
    Labs: Generating PWM
  16. Serial Communication
  17. Communication with PC RS 232 interface, UART, I2C, SPI, CAN
    Labs: Serial Communication using USART, CAN, SPI

Embedded System Design Using ARM M0-Cortex Controllers

Course Content
  1. Introduction to ARM Architecture and Nuvoton-Numicro ARM-M0 Cortex family
  2. Introduction to Keil-uVision tools, Compiling in assembly language and C language
  3. Basics of assembly language using Thumb architecture of instructions
  4. Assembly language programming examples, Debugging breakpoints, register views
  5. Introduction to Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard, Libraries
  6. Programming in C language
  7. Interface to LEDs, buzzer, seven segment display, LCD, switches, ADC, DAC,
  8. UART, SPI interfaces
  9. PWM generation, DC to DC Converter control, SPWM Inverter pulse generation
  10. RTOS in ARM Controllers
  11. Projects/ Products Using ARM Controllers
  12. Lab Components in all sections

Hardware Schematics and PCB Design

Course Content
  1. Schematics, Part Library, Component creation, Parts Library
  2. Common interfaces in Power Converters, user interfaces, communication peripherals
  3. Netlist creation, Bill of Materials Preparation
  4. PCB Part placement, Routing of tracks, Multilayer Design, Ground planes, Gerber generation
  5. Designing for EMI/EMC