Powersoft Systems

  • Multi-Channel Datalogger
    Energy Meter
  • PIC Microcontroller SDK
    Nuvoton SDK
    ARM Micro Textbook
  • Solar Charge Controller
    Solar Monitoring System
    Solar Pumps

Multi-Channel Datalogger

Model: DScan10

Datalogger with 8 channels for sensor inputs (Thermocouple, RTD, 4-20mA, 0-5V options) with PC software for real time trend, data report capability.

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3Ø Energy Meter

Model: PQM3Ø

3-phase panel mount (96 x 96) can measure KW,KVA, V,I,pF F for three phase applications with external CT and PT provision, RS485 output.

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3Ø Energy Datalogger

Model: PowerScan

3-phase panel mount (96 x 96) can measure KW,KVA, V,I,pF F for three phase applications with external CT and PT provision with RS485 enabled PC software for datalogging, real time graphs and reports.

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PIC Development Kit

Model: 16F87X-USB

Microchip development kit used for programming and running 16F877A controller for projects..

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Nuvoton Development Kit

Model: NuTiny-SDK-NUC140 for NuMicro™ NUC140 Series

ARM based Project board for Nuvoton NuMicro NUC140 Cortex M0 series useful to develop projects in power electronics, medical electronics, instrumentation and communication.

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ARM Based System Design Textbook

Designing with Nuvoton NuMicro Cortex-M0 Microcontrollers

Publisher: Sigma publications

Learn ARM-M0 Cortex architecture with examples from the Nuvoton family. Accompanying CD contains example projects for PWM, ADC, LCD, LED displays and RTOS.

Rs. 300

MPPT Charge Controller

Model: SCC / SCS

Solar panel based battery charger with maximum power point algorithm for 1KWp panels.

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Solar Inverter

Model: Sygnus

Sinewave inverter suitable for solar systems. Battery charger included. Intelligent inverter selects solar panel based battery charging to reduce AC mains power.

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Solar Monitoring System

Model: SMS1000

DC and AC parameters of solar system monitored using energy meters with PC software to determine solar energy, load consumption, AC mains energy with real time display and reports for energy audit.

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Solar Pool Pump

Model: SP600 / SP900 / SP1200

Efficient and cost effective solar photovoltaic (PV) powered swimming pool filtration system. This can be fitted to either a new installation or retrofitted to an existing pool.

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LED Lighting

LED Tube Lights

LED Tube Lights consume up to 80% less power than regular tube lights, will last up to 10 times longer and produce the same amount of light as conventional tube lights.

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LED High Bay Light

Use high power LED COB module with Epistar light source and nano technology. Low light decay, long lifetime, high brightness, high reliability.

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BlueSol PV Design Software

BlueSol is a software for the design of photovoltaic systems in every country in the world. It allows you to perform the entire process of designing a PV system, from the preliminary assessment of energy generation to the production of final system documentation.

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